Honorary 33° Members

Valley of Providence members who have recieved the 33°.

A 33° mason is a member who have made major contributions to their Valley and instill the Morals and Vurtures of a Scottish Rite Mason.

Edwin Earl Fielder
George Haralambie Cicma
Robert James Allen
Neil Henry McCauley
Peter Edward Allen
Stephen Eric Mitchell
Dennis Walter Pothier - Active
William James Hall
Robert Francis Ogg, Jr. - Active
Wyman Peter Hallstrom, Jr.
Raymond Eric Hassell
Steven Edward Smith - Deputy
John Kauchdor Takian, Jr. – Active Emeritus
Leon Charles Knudsen
Ralph DiScuillo
Terrell Earl Parker
Carl Bernard Willi
Douglas Edward Connell
Wayne Walter Wiesner
Wyman Peter Hallstrom, III
Robert Alan Palazzo
Benjamin Alcott Phillips
Peter Iacobucci
Russell Albert Kawa
Bradford Lloyd Barco
Stephen Thomas McGuire
Andre Leonel Gregoire
Larry John Thienel
Michael Raymond Northup
Robert Joseph O’Brien
John Stanton Bentley
Richard Steven Sokoll
Philip Neal Crawford
Kenneth Forrest Poyton
Ronald Phillip Reed
Richard Leroy Ault
Eric Edward Grist
Kenneth B. Phillips
Glenn S. Carlson
Rick Baccus
Timothy L. Culhane

“We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members”

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