7th Degree

Provost and Judge

7 Provost Judge     7 art


We are told that King Solomon, upon the death of Hiram Abif, found it necessary to appoint seven judges in order that justice might be administered among the workmen on the Temple, giving them an opportunity to have their complaints heard and their disputes settled. This duty had been discharged by Hiram Abif before that time. You will find that the lessons of this degree are of the utmost importance for the right conduct of our daily lives. We should not be severe, passing judgment hastily. It is an imperative duty to be just, fair, and merciful.

This degree teaches us to judge righteously,without respect to person, and that one law and one custom shall apply to all. Let justice be impartial, tempered with deserved mercy.

We learn that impartial justice protect person, property, happiness and reputation. These degrees teach us to judge with patience and impartially. The apron is white, edged with red, with a key and five rosettes. The jewel is a golden key.

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