32nd Degree

32 Sublime Prince of Royal Secret32° Sublime Prince of Royal Secret

This degree describes the victory of the spiritual over the human in man and the conquest of appetites and passions by moral sense and reason.  The exemplar represents every Freemason eager to serve humanity but caught between self-interest and the call of duty.  Duty often requires sacrifice, sometimes the supreme sacrifice.

The lessons of the 32° are: a Soldier of the Light seeks truth and knowledge; a Soldier of Freedom demands for the people free vote and voice and attains freedom of voice, vote and opinion for himself; a Soldier of the True Religion combats spiritual tyranny with reason and truth; a Soldier of the People encourages men to be self-reliant and independent; a Soldier of Scottish Rite Masonry is zealous and ardent in the performance of his duties to God, his country, his family, his brethren and himself.

The lessons of this degree are that “genuine brotherhood requires mutual regard, opinion, esteem and charity”.  We always look for the good in all, make allowances for other’s short comings.  We trust the Supreme Architect to lead us to friendship, morality and brotherly love.

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